Good software does not have to be expensive.

We offer you the opportunity to select the features you like to use instead of giving you some stiff payment plans with features no one uses.

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API Requests
Disk Space (GB)
6.00 € / 100 GB
0.00 €
User Licences
4.00 € / User
0.00 €
Grid Columns
0.00 € / User
0.00 €
Add more different attributes to your assets like a preview or tag attribute. Or extend the features of attributes that are already included in the free version.
Groups and Permissions
3.00 € / User
0.00 €
Customer Support
0.00 € / User
0.00 €
Total (excl. VAT)
0.00 €

Special Offers

Small Teams 100% off

Small teams up to three users and up to 5 GB of cloud storage are for free.

Students and Teachers 100% off

You are students or teachers and you are planing to work in animation, live-action, commercial, image movies industries, visual FX, games or architecture projects? Contact us and get 100% off for your projects.

Not sure what suits you best?

Get in touch with our sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get charged for my payments?

Currently we only support credit card payments. In future versions we will add others, like PayPal and SEPA.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Visit your organisation management page to cancel your subscription. The subscription and its associated features and licences are terminated immediately. You only need to pay for usage up to that point.

How do I add features?

Visit your organisation management page and add the features. We will charge you for that feature from the day you ordered it.

How do I remove features?

Visit your organisation management page and remove the features. The feature will immediately stop working and we will stop charging you for it on the same day.

What will happen if I add a user?

You must first add a user licence to your organisation, visit your organisation management page to do so. After that you can add users to your projects as usual. We will charge you for the additional user licences from the day you ordered them.

What will happen if I remove a user?

Removing a user from a project will not change your subscription amount. Visit your organisation management page and remove some user licences to reduce the subscription amount. The removed user licences will stop working immediately and we will stop charging you for this licences at the same day.

What will happen if I exceed the free number of three users?

You can not invite more than three users without a subscription. To add more users you need to create an organisation, enter your payment details and order more user licences. After this you can invite as many users as you like. The first three user licences will still be for free.

What do I do in case my payment fails?

We will automatically try to charge you again three days later. And a second time six days later. We will notify you by e-mail if a payment fails or further action is required. If all payments fail, we will suspend your subscription until a manual payment succeeds.

How does billing work in shorter months, such as February?

You are always charged on the closest corresponding date of the following month. For example, you would normally be billed on the 31st of a month you will either be billed on the 30th of a 30-day month, or on the 28th of February.
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