Film Management Application

for creative teams working in the film, CGI & VFX industry who want to concentrate on the essentials.


Made & hosted in Germany.

What is Tracking3?

We designed Tracking3 to work well as a film production software. We support you in your daily life by tracking and managing your tasks and the tasks of your artists while pushing your project through the creative process of making awesome films. We make it easy for your team to see what has been done and what needs to be done next.

In our simple to use and intuitive web app, you can organize your production pipeline and assets as you like and integrate your local pipeline with our JSON REST API to work seamlessly together. We have set our focus on a high amount of automation and we will continue with more automation features in future releases. This way, we power your production pipeline to a new level.

We offer you a completely free version of our film management software for a maximum of three users. We also provide some demo projects for an easier start, so check out how it looks and feel.

web interface

Web Interface

We provide an easy to use and an intuitive web interface for your projects. So you are ready to start being awesome in less than ten minutes.


Having fewer emails and fewer chat messages but more information well organized for all of your team members, let's focus you on the essential things in your project.
data grids

Data Grids

Data grids are a great way to organize your project information. They are easy and clear to understand.
adaptable to your needs

Adaptable to Your needs

We provide the environment for your awesome projects and you can fully customizable the environment to fit your needs.
feature-based licence model

Feature-Based Licence Model

You only pay for what you actually use.
application programming interface

Application Programming Interface

Our full-featured API support your projects and makes it easy to integrate third-party applications.
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